Organizing Your Best Friends Hens Night

If your best friend is about to get married and you have been given the big task of organizing her hen’s night, then you have to understand that you have been given a pretty big responsibility. This is not a task that you can take lightly. It is her last party and night out with her girl friends before she enters marriage. Therefore, you have to ensure that the night goes very well and that everyone has a lot of fun. It is important that you make sure that the night is not only about going out and that there are several other things that need to be done. Here are some tips.

Decide on the Venue

The venue is of utmost importance. This is because; the venue will set the tone of the entire party. Regardless of where you are planning on having it on, you need to think about what the guests are going to be given to eat. If you are having it at an outside venue, then you can look into something like outdoor catering Dubai where you will be able to find good food for a reasonable price and it will go with the rest of the theme as well.

Make the Invitees List Early

Generally, a hen’s night is only for the closest friends of the bride to be. This is because; it is her last girl’s night out with her close friends. Therefore, unless it is a surprise, it is best that you consult the bride to be about who she wants at the party. Depending on the number, you can consult catering services in Dubai so that you can give them a proper number as to how many they need to provide food and drinks for.

Select a Theme

It will be no fun if there is no theme for the hen’s night. The most important part of the night is the theme so that everyone can be dressed according to the theme. Further, it is important that you decide this theme early on so that you can inform those who are attending and they can prepare ahead of time. It is useful for you also because you can then start to prepare the place and get all the stuff you need.

Do Not Over Plan

The worst thing that can happen in terms of a hen’s night is something called over planning. This is when you over think the situation and as a result you end up making the night boring. It is good to have a rough idea of what needs to be done in the night, but do not make a strict schedule. Follow these steps and then you will definitely have a really good time.