Working In The Health Sector

Working in the health sector is not an easy task due to the impact it directly plays on human life. Other sector like tourism, business and arts do not influence with human life and therefore the gravity of the profession is not that great in compared to those in the health sector. Some of the professions that fall under the health sector are the doctors, nurses, lab technicians and scientists. There are various other minor professions that fall under this sector but these are the main ones.

To become a professional health sector worker one needs to go through a lot of obstacles to achieve this. A minimum qualification of a degree is required but now with the competition being showcased around the globe is has become a challenge and people have to work up to their masters of PhD. If one wants to become a doctor then one has to join a university and complete a MBBS programme which comes up to about 5-6 in total and then one need to sit for a government entrance exam to check for once eligibility. Passing of this exam will give one his/her license to practise as a qualified doctor. But stopping with this is usually not profitable for a doctor so they follow up on a specialization course. The same applies with a nurse and they require a nursing license in Dubai before they can start work.

If one wants to open up their very own pharmacy or some medical facility then it is more troublesome if it’s a private body. Government needs to approve this. For example if one is living in Abu Dhabi then one has to get a health authority Abu Dhabi licence and to obtain this a big amount of money needs to be paid to the government of the country. If one wants to open up a research facility then there are so many government bodies that will provide the fund necessary for your facility. One could also obtain overseas grants. Link here to gain information about medical tourism in Dubai.

All in all working in the health sector is an experience that cannot be expressed by words. It is because on a daily basis everything a health worker does directly affects human lives and saving a human life is the best feeling ever. Health workers need to be appreciated more in today’s world as they risk their own life to save lives of the others. For example if one if one is a technician in a lab and runs tests on blood samples to write a report for a patient, the lab technicians life is at risk because the blood maybe contaminated with a deadly microorganism.